Global-In Fellowship 2017

The event

Global-In Fellowship is a three-week youth project in politics and diplomacy, providing opportunities to explore international relations and to enhance diplomatic skills. The project is open to about 60 young participants from 16 to 20 from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Poland and Sweden.
Go to Week 1: Workshops

Week 1: Workshops

During the days, workshops on Economy, Media, Law and Politics will be held, while the evening program will train the participants’ rhetoric.

Go to Week 2: Model UN

Week 2: Model UN

The second week simulates the work of the United Nations. As a country’s representative you will need and improve your diplomatic and debate skills.

Go to Week 3: Simulation

Week 3: Simulation

The third week is a simulation on the construction of Political Systems. You will create your country’s constitution – it’ll all be up to your imagination!

The Team

GIF is organized by a team of young people from all over Europe:

Fabian Angeloni


Hedda Nielsen


Jonas Tylewski


Veronika Komarova


Johannes Leuschke


Nissrine Majdi


Hassan Rassmy


Sharif Al-Raqqad


What Our Alumni Say

Memories and Experiences of our GIF Alumni

The application for GIF 2017 is now open. Apply now to be among the first participants selected!